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The Moral Element

 A series of standalone romances set in an omegaverse world. Omegaverse is a genre where everyone is born ether alpha, beta or omega. Most of the population are betas, with about 25% being born alphas and 25% as omegas. Alphas are seen as dominant and aggressive, but with a devoted and protective nature towards their omegas. Omegas are seen as weak and frail, but in truth they are stronger than people think. This series has no shifters and no m-preg. Each of these novels can be read in any order, and all come with a happy ever after.

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Hitmen and Hexes

This series is about a pair of private investigators, moving around the country in their magical motorhome, and their quest to find love.

Nathanial “Voodoo” Laversett is a witch doctor, who can hex objects, heal injuries and charm his way into the hearts of others. He’d happily give up the role of pack alpha to Hunter, but it isn’t going to be easy with the werewolf so obsessed with his chosen mate, Doll. Hunter Green was born a werewolf, too wild for any pack to handle, too reckless to be the alpha he wants to be. Doll has a reputation as a great Russian spy, but given a choice, he turns his back on that life as soon as Hunter takes one sniff of him. It’s not like the possessive werewolf would give him any other choice.

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Phoenix ShiftARS

This seven-book series follows a young new Second Lieutenant who is fresh out of officer training with the Army Regiment of Shifters, or ShiftARS for short.

This is a gay harem series that consists of seven full length novels and contains mature sexual content. These books are best read in order.

Material is suitable for readers over the age of 18.

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Demon Mafia

It's hard to find love when you have the demon mafia to run. It's harder to ignore when it turns up at your feet. In the underground world of demons, the mafia clans are everything. Working up from the disposable level one, to the royalty status of level ten has come easy for Leon. He’s reached level nine and the only demon higher than him in the whole of Gable Clan is his father Stanley Graves. In a world where family is everything, Leon has to stay put, for now. But that doesn’t mean he can finally relax. Plans are in place to see this great man take the fall of his life. Read more

Demons of the Nothing

A thin veil exists between Something and Nothing. A veil that can be crossed. All the creatures of the Nothing need is a human life to bind to, and they become Something. These demons may be dependent on their host to remain in the Something, but they are free to use their powers to influence our world. read more

More books by Charlotte Brice

These are the standalone books by Charlotte.

Solar Wind

For most of the students gathered in the large hall, at Super U, this was a time to start afresh, to begin their superhero training. For Nate, it was a reminder of a failed start and a last chance. To start the year again and avoid the mistakes he made before. Solar Wind


Ashes of Light

After finished at the superhero academy, Tim is keen to start his apprenticeship with superhero and millionaire Richard Huntington. He sets out to prove himself the ideal long term sidekick. Read more


The Werewolf's Pack

Its not easy being a werewolf without a pack, but when the only option is a vampire, Cale’s heart needs to do the talking. Read more.


Tentacle Pirate's Prince

The Tolithian Vilcol party is supposed to be a coming-of-age celebration, but for Prince Ezra, it is the worse day of his life. He is being sent away from his friends and family to find a bride on the remote planet Waftja, on the far side of the solar system. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to find his life partner amongst his purple skinned kin, it's that his parents are using the species diverse colours as a way to hide his sexuality. Read more.


Stolen Time


My world is broken ruins left from a time where humans thrived. I've seen books of the great cities of old. Now we scrape out a living in the wake of the demi-gods wrath. Read more.