Tentacle Pirate's Prince

The Tolithian Vilcol party is supposed to be a coming-of-age celebration, but for Prince Ezra, it is the worse day of his life. He is being sent away from his friends and family to find a bride on the remote planet Waftja, on the far side of the solar system. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to find his life partner amongst his purple skinned kin, it's that his parents are using the species diverse colours as a way to hide his sexuality.

When he prayed for a way out of the situation, Ezra didn’t quite anticipate being kidnapped by pirates as the solution. Despite more sinister plans for his fate made by the captain, Ezra finds himself drawn to the mysterious tentacle creature holding the role of doctor on the run-down ship. Now they must plan their way out together, and hope when they do, that love will be enough to sway Ezra’s parents from their wedding plans.

Prince Ezra

A system of twelve planets, the Tolithians mine a variety of different flavoured minerals from the planets' rock. This are highly sought after to add flavour to the dehydrated space food most species survive on.

These minerals are so abundant on these planets, the population have become a diverse rainbow of skin colours.

The crown prince and only son of the King and Queen, Ezra has been raised with the responsibility of inheriting the Tolithian throne. With that responsibility comes the obligation to marry and provide the people with an heir. The only problem is, Ezra has no interest in women at all. To cover this fact, he is being sent to the furthest planet, to seek a bride amongst the purple skinned Tolithian. While skin colour has no prejudice with the green skinned prince, any indifference he shows his wife, will be taken as a a form of racism. His parents may see this as preferable over exposing his sexuality, Ezra doesn't.

When pirates attack, Ezra looses his connection with everything he has ever known. This could just be the wake-up call Ezra needs to fight for his future.


Despite training as a doctor, Jig found himself unable to obtain employment in any of the galaxy system's medical facilities. Who would want a nine foot purple octopus operating on them?

Twenty years later, and Jighor is still on the one ship that welcomed him, a pirate vessel under the command of Captain Carla Pinade. With age creeping up on the human crewman, Carla develops a cunning plan that tests Jighor's morals to their limits.

Selling the Tolithian prince to the Nefrilot doesn't strike Jighor as the retirement payout Carla is hoping for. But what can he do to save the prince in the middle of deep space?

This is a standalone 44k word novel, suitable for readers over 18.

This book is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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