Serpent's Wrath

Book 7 in the Phoenix ShiftARS Series

Harlow is missing, and Pletcher won't let the four of us, his own mates, in on the search. All they know is that James Harvey doesn't know where his son is. Well screw Pletcher and the ShiftARS. It's time we walk away from everything we ever knew. Harlow needs us and his safe return is the only thing that matters, he is all that matters. We will find him, and we will devote the rest of our lives to our crazy amazing mate. Hold on Harlow, we're coming for you.


Harlow's secrets are out but too many loose ends threaten our future together. We need to make a pre-emptive strike against Harlow's dad before he comes for us.

Instead a stranger at the door threatens to expose everything we have.

Our happy ever after has never felt so close and yet seemed so far away.


A nice house with my family, out in the middle of nowhere, no one to bother us.

That was what I dreamt of as a child.

Now I have my mates, we have the house. We're in the middle of nowhere.

People need to stop bothering us.

Stopping my dad is the only way to make that happen.

Easier said than done. I have a feeling things are going to get worse before they get better.

Oh, and now my mum is gone, so is the waterfall.

Dying just got a HELL of a lot more complicated.

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