This seven-book series follows a young new Second Lieutenant who is fresh out of officer training with the Army Regiment of Shifters, or ShiftARS for short.

Harlow never planned to join the military, but when the Army Regiment of Shifters saved his life, joining them seemed the right thing to do. Although technically a shifter, he does not shift like most, shifting for him comes at a sacrifice. He is unique, and not necessarily in a good way.

He watched as the other recruits on his officer training course shifted, their bodies changing from human to beast. So many beasts, so much freedom to be themselves. Harlow watched them enviously, but some secrets must be kept at all costs.

Fortunately, he scored top of his class in every subject that didn't involve shifting, so he earned himself a passing grade. Now with graduation complete, and a new promotion, Harlow is ready for whatever comes next. Or at least he thought he was.

The Army Regiment of Shifters have plans for this very unique soldier and a series of well-timed events result in Harlow meeting his fated mates. Riley, Beckett and Troy, a sharp team with over one hundred years military experience, soon learn there is more to Harlow than meets the eye. Dealing with loss and secrets leads to a rocky start in their relationship, but the shifters' mate bonds are stronger.

When they finally discover Harlow's shift form is more than the demented eagle he says, and that his eyeball eating habits are real, and gross, they are drawn into Harlow’s world of mystery, betrayal and lies.

Trusting fate has them protecting Harlow from the world around him and also from himself.

When Harlow’s secrets start to come out, it becomes obvious that there is more to this young soldier than even he knows. With his mates at his side it's time to find out just what makes him so special. Once they begin, ready or not, the truth will be revealed.

There is so much more to Harlow than any of them could ever imagine. Life as they knew it will never be the same.

This is a gay harem series that consists of seven full length novels and contains mature sexual content. These books are best read in order.

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Material is suitable for readers over the age of 18.

Book 1: Phoenix Rise

My name is Harlow, I'm 23 and I've just graduated from officer training with a shiny new title, Second Lieutenant. Now it's time I get my posting assignment and start my new life with a ShiftARS unit.

Unfortunately for me, meeting my new team and arriving at my new base went a little sideways. Don't worry though, I have everything under control now. Except that's a lie. My rank may be higher than the three guys on my team, but never has anything been more obvious than my lack of experience compared to them. They treat me like a newbie, a rookie, not their commanding officer. Then there's the fact that the three of them are gay and lovers, so the team dynamics are off. Is it odd if I notice how these guys look at me like a conquest and want to welcome me in? They are huge men with solid muscle and tower at least 6 inches above me. Despite coming top of my class in fitness, martial arts, and target shooting, to them my 5'10 frame makes me seem like a delicate flower.

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Book 2: Phoenix Reign

This is the second edition of this book, containing additional content from the POV of Riley, Beckett and Troy. This will replace the existing version of this book on 17th December 2021.

My Phoenix is out, along with my visions. I’ve been sent into hiding, but everything about this feels wrong. Maybe I’m just out of my depth? My mates may be with me but I feel like I'm losing my connection with the world. This isn't real. Not only am I plagued by doubt, I'm also hounded by visions from my phoenix, sitting on her waterfall. My rank means I lead my team but when my lieutenant bars come off, these men own me body and soul, and they are as hard to ignore as the damn bird.

When the truth comes out, turns out I was right, but I'm not sure I have enough sanity left to come back from this. Not when every repressed memory is thrown back at me. There is a damn good reason why I shut my past out.

Will my mates stick with me through it all, or am I destined to mess up the only good thing that ever happened to me?

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Book 3: Phoenix Fall

This is the second edition of book three in the Phoenix shiftARS series.

I once heard someone say the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie." I'm not sure that I ever truly understood it before. The key word in that sentence is "before" as I now have a much better understanding of it.

After the disaster of my first posting, and ending up back where I started, everything begins to fall apart. Realising I was never meant to join my mates, and shifting into something new, leaves me not sleeping well. I’m having nightmares as my past bombards me with forgotten and repressed memories.

Wrath, Rage and Ruin.

Somehow I have to get them back in the box, somewhere they have been shut away for far too long and now that they are out, they are in no hurry to go back.

Why can things never be easy? How much more can I take before I just let go?

This is a full length M/MMM harem novel suitable for those over 18 due to the sexual content.

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Book 4: Dragon's Woe

My mates are the only people I can trust. Even my grandfather has to earn the loyalty he wants. But he’s right about us needing to get away from it all, some familiar faces from my mates' past give us a place to lay low and regroup. Yet our group has never been more divided. Hopefully a nice holiday in the snowy alps is just what the doctor ordered.

Nope. The doctor ordered a heavy dose of anti-psychotics, and with the voices getting louder, I need to decide if I want to silence them.

HENRY I was dead. Not near death, or gone for a few minutes. I died. I was buried. There was a funeral and everyone came. My mates mourned me. Then the darkness of nothing lifted and now I'm back. But I've changed; my mates have changed. And I've just met the most amazing person. Harlow is a blast from the past and a missing piece in my life. But... he is part of something huge, and, I'm not sure if anyone realises, but this young man is insane.

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Book 5: Kelpie's Ruin


I’ve lost my hippo shift beast, and part of my body that makes me who I am, my tattoos. As much as I’m looking forward to a fresh start, some of us are dragging too much baggage with us. Whatever happened in Harlow’s past, isn’t going to leave us alone, no matter where we go. I need to focus on who I am. How much of the old Thomas Beckett am I, and will I ever regain my ability to shift after Harlow saved me?

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Book 6: Gryphon's Rage


Harlow is missing, and Pletcher won't let the four of us, his own mates, in on the search. All they know is that James Harvey doesn't know where his son is. Well screw Pletcher and the ShiftARS. It's time we walk away from everything we ever knew. Harlow needs us and his safe return is the only thing that matters, he is all that matters. We will find him, and we will devote the rest of our lives to our crazy amazing mate. Hold on Harlow, we're coming for you.

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Book 7: Serpent's Wrath

The end is drawing near for Harlow and his mates.


Harlow's secrets are out but too many loose ends threaten our future together. We need to make a pre-emptive strike against Harlow's dad before he comes for us. 

Instead a stranger at the door threatens to expose everything we have.

Our happy ever after has never felt so close and yet seemed so far away.

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