Charms and Chocolate

It's not easy living together in the tiny motor home, and tempers start to fray. But the four men only have to survive until their purchase of the ghost house goes through.

When they become stranded on a ghost hunt, a few nights in a hotel provide welcome relief, but when Jackal shows up on Halloween, everyone knows their lives are about to be turned upside-down.


But with unexpected dark power set free, this will be a Halloween to remember.

Voodoo needs to step back and look after his boy, especially as he might be on the verge of crushing his hopes when it comes to ghost hunting Hunter needs a territory to patrol because marking the small space he has is getting on everyone's nerves. Teddy needs to regain his confidence and find his place in his new life as an escaped convict, oh, and clear his name. Doll needs a conscience, but everyone knows that isn't going to happen. And he really does love Halloween.

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