Phoenix Rise

Book 1 in the Phoenix ShiftARS Series

My name is Harlow, I'm 23 and I've just graduated from officer training with a shiny new title, Second Lieutenant. Now it's time I get my posting assignment and start my new life with a ShiftARS unit.

Unfortunately for me, meeting my new team and arriving at my new base went a little sideways. Don't worry though, I have everything under control now. Except that's a lie. My rank may be higher than the three guys on my team, but never has anything been more obvious than my lack of experience compared to them. They treat me like a newbie, a rookie, not their commanding officer. Then there's the fact that the three of them are gay and lovers, so the team dynamics are off. Is it odd if I notice how these guys look at me like a conquest and want to welcome me in? They are huge men with solid muscle and tower at least 6 inches above me. Despite coming top of my class in fitness, martial arts, and target shooting, to them my 5'10 frame makes me seem like a delicate flower. They think I'm straight, I think I'm straight, so I won't tell them I've been tempted by their perfect bodies. Just like I won't tell them everything about my shift beast. Honestly, their eyeballs should thank me.

But sometimes secrets are not meant to be kept. The good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy is all at risk of coming out. What can I do when these guys so easily peel away my layers until they reveal my broken core? Will they ever be able to look at me again? And when the ruler of the criminal underworld comes calling, will any of it matter anyway?

This is a full-length M/MMM harem novel suitable for those over 18 due to sexual content. There are scenes that some may consider cheating, though the status of the relationship is questionable. This book ends on a cliff-hanger, but don’t worry, you can get your teeth straight into book 2 now.

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