Meet the Kraken Klaus Characters

Here are details about the main characters in the book: Kraken Klaus

Moshe Photo

Raised in a small fishing community of land based mers, life has been a constant struggle every time he gets wet. All mers return to their tailed form when wet, which poses a inconvenience as a fishing community. Moshe's father spearheaded a move to running cruise ships. Moshe is on his first big cruise, starting right at the bottom. Moshe is short, with bright blue eyes, making him stand out in his human form. In his mer form, he has a beautiful long tail with blue scales, making him stand out from the stockier mer breeding stock.

Ryuu Photo

The mightly kraken titan has been sleeping in his home at the bottom of the ocean. After many centuries of ruling the seas with his army of mers, Ryuu fell into a slumber when the mers left the sea. Only the song of his siren mate wakes him and lures him to the surface.