Meet the King Dom Characters

Here are details about the main characters in the series: The King Dom

King Finn Photo
King Finn

Finn always knew he would be king one day, but he didn't expect his father to abdicate on the day he finished university. With his dreams finding his feet as a prince first dashed, he is thrown in at the deep end. His parents' abdication indicates his time on the thrown isn't going to be easy. With high debts and low public opinion of the monarchy, Finn has his work cut out for him. But his biggest challenge is convincing the world to accept the man he has chosen to stand by his side

Daxton Harris Photo
Daxton Harris

As the black sheep of his family, Dax has very little to do with his own family. Currently studying to become a veterinary surgeon, Dax has to decide between his dreams or being with the man he loves. He know it wouldn't be easy, but becomming accepted into the royal family is harder than he could have imagined.

Dax suffers with patellofemoral ligament damage in both knees, making walking the huge palace a challenge for him. Roller skates are not a method of transport seen in the royal dwellings, but it beats being wheelchair bound.

Victoria Foster Photo
Victoria Foster

Having been the queen's PA until the abdication, Victoria suddenly finds herself trying to keep tabs on a sprightly young man with rollerskates and grand ideas for modernising the palace and saving it from bankruptsy.

In her late thirties, she has worked with the queen for over a decade, but finds her new role challenging and exciting.

Catherine Foster Photo
Catherine Foster

Employed as the queen's main lady-in-waiting, her role changes to more secretarial under Dax. Sharing his personal hatred of the mean house manager, Mr Murdock, Catherine becomes a queen at sneaking around behind his back to bring Dax's plans for the palace to life.

Eugine West Photo
Eugine West

His role as personal assistant to the king changes very little when the new king replaces the old, but the younger man keeps him on his toes with his quest to save the monarchy. He will gladly support Finn every step of the way as he is a firm believer in the monarchy and enjoys spearheading the King's new changes.

Jenty Photo

Working as the king's personal valet is a highly prized role, but with the king requiring minimal attention in this modern age, Jenty turns his sights on the coveted role of house manager. With no one liking Mr Murdock, Jenty has no qualms about aiding the man's fall as he aids Dax's plans with the great house.