Kelpie's Ruin

Book 5 in the Phoenix ShiftARS Series

We’re off to Slovakia to find the prophet from a century ago, hopefully she holds the answers we seek. If she doesn’t, I don’t know what it will take to unite us as a team.

That’s until Harlow shifts into a mythical beast I’ve only seen once, a long time ago. It’s time to give up on this prophecy and make our own future, but it seems all the clues are hidden in my past.


I’ve lost my hippo shift beast, and part of my body that makes me who I am, my tattoos. As much as I’m looking forward to a fresh start, some of us are dragging too much baggage with us. Whatever happened in Harlow’s past, isn’t going to leave us alone, no matter where we go. I need to focus on who I am. How much of the old Thomas Beckett am I, and will I ever regain my ability to shift after Harlow saved me?


We need answers. They are all there, in our pasts, we just need to find them. Just because my past spans less years, doesn't mean there is less there to find. But I buried my issues deep in my messed up sub-conscience. A trip to the prophet from my mates' past is dangerously close to my own. We could kill two birds with one stone here. Is that the right phrase? All I know is people are going to die, and memories are going to rise.

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