Meet the Stolen Time Characters

Here are details about the main characters in the book: Stolen Time

Elymas Magus

Elymas, or Ely as he is known to friends, is the main protagonist in Stolen Time. It’s been ten years since he lost his memories, on the night of the All Hallows Eve battle with the demi-gods. Even after a decade, he still doesn’t feel like he fits in with the rest of the village.

On the tenth anniversary of the demi-god’s defeat, Elymas is called into the foreboding tower of the town’s governor, where he is told he has the ability to time travel.

The battle was won ten years ago because Elymas took each of the demi-gods back in time; something which cost him his memories. Now the governor needs him to go back and stop the demi-gods again, once and for all.

Species – Human, born at the end of the solar systems life and at the pinnacle of human evolution.

Abilities – Time manipulation. Telekinesis.

Personality – Elymas is a confident, vibrant man, with an overwhelming thirst for knowledge that can make him forgetful of the world around him. He loves writing notes and drawing in his journals which span the entire existence of the world.

Description – Short, neat brown hair, dark eyes, golden tan.

Age – Timeless

Family – none.


Known in the history books as the demi-god of “botanical chaos and global famine.”

Calyx is a medieval mage who loves tinkering with plants and herbs to create magic and potions. He loves gardening but always likes to cheat with his powers.

He grows an excellent strain of weed, which he uses in tea infusions to help the demi-gods with their powers.

Species – Demi-god

Abilities – Plant growth and control

Personality – Caring and loving man who puts the needs of others before his own.

Description – His skin is a pale ivory from the lack of sunshine, with jet black hair and vibrant green eyes.

Age – born 1076AD in Medieval England

Family – none.

Name meaning – Calyx means the sepals of a flower, typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud.


His statue paints him as a goat headed man, but human is only one of his many forms. Bim prefers the form of animals over human, and he actually started life as an ancient wolf.

Species – Beringian wolf, standing 1m tall and 2m long

Abilities – Can transform into any animal of his choosing

Personality – Bim has a child-like excitement of the world, preferring to spend him time in animal for the amusement of his friends

Description – In his human form, Bim has a youthful appearance, suiting his simple nature and basic vocabulary. He enjoys fingerprinting, leaving his mark on the walls around him.

Age – born 11,528BC, in the ice age

Family – none.

Name meaning – Bimembre means that which has two parts (human and animal in this case)


Called a maniac with the strength of one hundred men, Viribus’ statue is of a man with grossly overexaggerated muscles. In truth, this demi-god keeps himself in peak condition without bulking too much. His strength comes from his demi-god powers, not his physical form, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t’ like to work out to look the part.

Species – Demi-god

Abilities – superhuman strength

Personality – Very confident

Description – Large muscular frame

Age – born 33BC, in Rome

Family – none.

Name meaning – Strength


The greatest philosopher of his time was the only man to ever see the tower. Once his eyes had been opened to the truth, he welcomed the prospect of erasing himself from society and taking up residence in the tower of the gods.

Species – Demi-god

Abilities – Flight

Personality – A clever man, good thinker. He can be compassionate, but he can also debate that black is white when the mood takes him.

Description – Mature man, of sophistication and good breeding. He asked for a set of wings to make him more angelic beside the great master of the tower, but they have since proven to be a little cumbersome.

Age – born 1607BC

Family – none.

Name meaning – Flight

Dux Umbre

Known for darkness and mystery, he is reported as the bringer of nightmares. Living as a police detective in Victorian London, he loved a challenge to unravel. Watching from the shadows, Dux is the ultimate at people watching. Watching from the shadows aids with his love of problem solving and unravelling mysteries.

Species – Human,

Abilities – Standing back to look at a problem, he can come up with ideas no one else has thought of.

Personality – He is not the most social person, preferring the company of one or two at a time. He is curious and drawn to mysteries.

Description – Well dressed man, indulging on the finer things in life giving him a body less godly than his companions, but he has excellent taste and wit.

Age – born 1862AD in Victorian England

Family – none.

Name meaning – Leader of the shadow