Show No Fear

To Bond with Blood Book 3

Oscar receives the call he's been dreading. His parents have passed away, and he has to return home to sort their affairs in order. These people didn't want him when they were alive, and he certainly doesn't want them now they are gone. But there is a twist of the knife when the letter reveals there is another name listed in the will. Could it be a brother?

Darren was always close to his adopted parents; their deaths hit him harder than he realised, but the biggest shock of all came with the reading of their will. They had a biological son his didn't know about, and now he has to share everything his parents had with a man he knew nothing about.

When the pair meet in the family's remote cabin, it's clear they won't be exchanging addresses for the Christmas card lists, but bad weather traps them both together. Could this stormy weather settle the hated between them.

Show No Fear book cover