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To Dance With Danger

Heir to his father’s empire, Knox has everything he every wanted, except closure on his sister’s death.

Finding Porter and his twin sister Tiffany opens his heart, both to love, and to the grief of his past.

This is a dark mafia romance, with steamy scenes. This book is not for the faint hearted.

Trigger warnings - forced proximity, dub con, on page violence,

Book 1: Slayer

My name Knox Thayer, only son and heir to my father's empire.

I have everything I want in life - money and power, and the comfortable living that comes with it.

Then someone tries to take advantage, stealing drugs from my cartel. I will not stand for it. When I discover the culprit has a twin brother, I think I've found something I want more than anything I have.


He may not feel the same, but if he doesn't want me to hurt his sister, he's going to agree to be mine for the weekend. I can change his mind in a weekend. By the end of it, he will love me.

Whether he likes it or not.

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Book 2: Falsifier

When a member of the Family is broken, we’re all broken. No one hurts one of our own and gets to die quietly.

Worried I’m neglecting my one true love to find the truth, it comes as quite a surprise to discover he is the truth. His twin sister hasn’t just cut deep, she’s gouged out my heart, and nothing can fix the wound.

But she has hurt more than just Porter, and the family will never be the same. It isn’t just me coming for revenge, and we are risking a war. He is mine, and is worth any threat of war, but they say blood is thicker than water, and Porter has a choice ahead that I can’t make for him

Released 2nd November 2023

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Book 3: Destroyer


I'm trying to adjust to my new life, passed around between my half-brothers and the man who means more to me than anyone. But I don't know what Caeo wants from me, and I'm beginning to think he doesn't either.

This guy is going to need a nudge in the right direction

Coming 2nd February 2023

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