Moral High Ground

Brett picks the wrong week to decorate his parent’s home when a flood alert threatens to ruin all his hard work. When the banks break and the cute omega from the environmental agency is swept under, Brett does what any alpha would and saves the drowning man. But getting the wet omega back to his house is only the start of their survival challenge.

Tom is saved by the only alpha who doesn’t leave him tongue tied and blushing, and they are stuck together in Brett’s bedroom. Tom needs to grab this chance at happiness with both hands and hope his saviour feels the same.

Lost puppies, escaped crocodiles, ill-timed heats and architects who don’t listen keep the challenges coming for this couple who find love while battling the elements.

40k MM romance standalone with a happy ever after.

Brave dog and cute puppies

Forced proximity

No cheating

Non-shifter, no m-preg omegaverse

Steamy scenes between two consenting men

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Moral Dilema Book Cover