Moral Compass

Harry runs a mountain expedition centre and during the off season, he offers trips to disadvantaged omegas from the nearby refuges. He thinks he’s doing them a favour, but when disaster hits, he realises just how resilient they can be.

It wasn’t Jasper’s fault he ended up in the omega shelter, but he’s not going down without a fight. When an avalanche separates him and Harry from their only way down, its down to Rain to show Harry he’s strong enough to get them through.

A determined omega, a disheartened alpha, a puppy who wont quit, and a battle to survive the elements with no spoons.

40k MM romance standalone with a happy ever after.

Deaf omega and devoted alpha

Puppy who wont rest until he finds his owner

Forced proximity

Non-shifter, no m-preg omegaverse

Steamy scenes between two consenting men 

Moral Compass Book Cover