Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma Rick reluctantly attends his school reunion to meet the family his old school friend is involved with. He leaves feeling uncertain about the sad young omega with the alpha couple, but returning to the fire station for a night shift has him attending a car accident with very familiar occupants - and the little omega in need of saving.

Asher isn’t in the best relationship, but he has shelter and food. When the car accident leaves him without anything, he does the only thing a lost omega can do - turn up at the workplace of the only man to ever smile at him.

Rick is happy to help the deaf omega, but his growing feelings leave him conflicted about moving in on his best friend’s omega. When he discovers all is not what it seems, saving Asher becomes his only option.

A hearing dog with attitude, a virgin omega’s first heat and an alpha businessman with a grudge keep the challenges coming for this fiery couple.

40k MM romance standalone with a happy ever after.

Deaf omega and devoted alpha

Hearing dog who saves the day

Forced proximity

No cheating

Non-shifter, no m-preg omegaverse

Steamy scenes between two consenting men

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