Demons of the Nothing Book 1.5


I am the demon of Pride, and getting sent back to the nothing by a little Vengeance has wounded my soul. I crave my companion in the nothing. A fellow demon with whom I can feel complete. But I crave what I can't have. My own life.

Summoned to the Something keeps us apart for decades at a time, so I must make the most of my favourite demon.


The demon of Craving.

Half lust, half gluttony, I am more than enough for him. Or I would be if I was around more.

Luckily, the demon I must share this craving with is asexual, I could not share my Lyric with anyone else.

I'm going to start a rebellion to get what I want. I am Me, and I'm going to damn well own these pronouns.

This is a 10k short story, told from three POVs:

Pridjen, the demon of Pride

Lyric, the demon of Craving

Beluger, the demon of Narcissism

This story ends with the three characters seperated by circumstances, as a HFN, but their story will conclude with their HEA in the main series. This book would be enjoyed best after reading Vengeance

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