Potions and Pack

Finally, the pack of four find themselves a home. A run down ghost house as worn as they are. But it is a place to call home, somewhere to lay roots. Somewhere to be a pack.

Registering a werewolf pack made up of a berserker, a witch doctor, a necromancer and a seer doesn't go down well with the werewolf council, calling Voodoo and Hunter away from home to explain the situation.

The saying goes 'while the cats are away, the mice will play' but no one knows what happens when the dogs start circling.

Werewolves, to be precise, Ones who feel a necromancer would be more useful to them than to a werewolf pack of one.

No matter how hard Doll tries, people keep making it hard not to kill them.

This is the final book in this series and ends on a HEA

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