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Demons of the Nothing

A thin veil exists between Something and Nothing. A veil that can be crossed. All the creatures of the Nothing need is a human life to bind to, and they become Something. These demons may be dependent on their host to remain in the Something, but they are free to use their powers to influence our world.

Nothing can be done about their existence in our world, because they move unseen. Only those with a bound demon can see them, and they are in no hurry to send them back.

Well, except for Detective Christopher Kelsey.

And he can do it, one demon at a time.

Akai was never meant for Kelsey, their bonding was a desperate act by a demon longing for something. As much fun as it is in the Something, closing the veil is something he believes in, because he knows what is waiting to come through 

Book 1: Vengeance

You may not want me, but you need me more than you'll ever know. Christopher Kelsey has spent a lifetime working in the police department, but his free time is consumed by work, leaving him with little time for the fun things in life. His friends say he needs a partner or a dog. He doesn't want either. His latest case is the most bizarre he's ever come across. Black magic, demons and more, all he wants to do is dig through the delusions to find the truth. Is the stunning apparition that only he can see real? Or is it a sign he should have quit years ago? The more Christopher investigates, the stranger the case becomes. Can he solve it and retain his sanity? Or will the invisible stranger extract a price he's unable to pay? read more about Vengeance

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Read Chapter 1 of Vengeance to check out Charlotte's writing style

Book 1.5: Crave

This is a 10k short story, told from three POVs:

Pridjen, the demon of Pride

Lyric, the demon of Craving

Beluger, the demon of Narcissism

This story ends with the three characters seperated by circumstances, as a HFN, but their story will conclude with their HEA in the main series. This book would be enjoyed best after reading Vangeance read more about Crave

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