The Super University of Reading is one of the forerunning training centres for young people presenting with genetic enhancements. Standing for over thirty years, we have trained many of the professional Supes protecting the world today.

We have a reputation for impeccable record for student safety, while providing a safe place to learn about their powers.

With our mixed gender accommodation, students are paired up into same sex couples, but all students are housed in dorm corridors. We understand that the young people who come to study with us are adults and fully capable of forming romantic attachments. While relationships are not openly encouraged, they are by no means discouraged, and we have a happy string of married couples who met during their time with us.

Applications to join us next September must be completed and returned by June. Viewings are by appointment only.

Head of year, Mrs Winchcombe

Meet our new first years students here.  

Meet the characters that are in Solar Wind

For most of the students gathered in the large hall, at Super U, this was a time to start afresh, to begin their superhero training. For Nate, it was a reminder of a failed start and a last chance. To start the year again and avoid the mistakes he made before.

Ben just wanted a chance to shake off the expectation that came with being an elemental, and become a superhero. They are both looking for an easy ride, and they are certainly not looking for each other.

In fact, if they never saw each other again, they would be more than happy... wouldn't they? Except they can't, and when an an accident has them forced together, certain feelings get hard to ignore.

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