Meet the Solar Wind Characters

Here are details about the main characters in the book: Solar Wind

Solar Wind / Ben Zeuch

The son of two Supes, Airobia and Atomic Man, Ben was left feeling abandoned by both parents as a child. While they distanced themselves from him to protect from the dangerous villains they fought, their helicopter style of parenting left him dependant on their fleeting approval. Joining Super U was both a chance to get closer into his parents world, and a chance to gain his own independence.

Pop / Nate Jackson

The middle of three children and only one to display Supe abilities. Nate’s power manifested at an early age, much to his parents distress. As young as two, he could pop anywhere he wanted. His first word was Pop, and although this isn't the best hero name, it is the best name for him. Nate has a drive to help others, usually to an obsessive level and to his own detriment. After last years fiasco, allowing him to retake the year has been met with mixed responses, but without Super U training, Nate will cause nothing but chaos and havoc.

Slow-mo / Nick

With his power of time manipulation, people are under the misconception that he can move super fast. Nick's ability is to slow his perception of time, but keep his body moving at normal speed. This does give him.amazing reactions and processing speed.

Faunauger / Chester

Younger of two brothers, following his brother's footsteps through Super U. Chester has the ability to communicate with animals, a power he would appreciate a whole lot more if he actually liked animals. Having grown up around the disgruntled pets of his father's marriage counselling client, he has only seen the worst of what animals can offer.

Astro / Harry Townsend

Though technically his ability isn't astroprojection, Harry didn't know the difference when he gave himself his supe name. A more accurate description of his power is to say he can divide into multiple independent copies.

Invisigirl / Megan

With the ability to turn invisible, Megan is undetectable by most supes, but certain ability types can still identify her presence. Note: if undressing while invisible, the invisible clothing remains in this state once shed.

Psy / Elliot Peters

Elliot’s powers are difficult to classify, as he has the ability to give and take energy through touch. He has demonstrated the ability to calm and soothe through touch alone, but there is more to be uncovered about this young man’s ability.

Gazpacho / Chris Hughes

Chris has the ability to reduce the temperature of objects through touch, freezing at will. He is unable to freeze more than objects with his fingertips, but has been given hero status under the belief that training will strengthen his power into full body temperature control


This mind reading supe sits on the board of governors, and takes an active interest in the school's students. He is a sincere man, using telepathy and mind tricks to investigate the mysteries he is called to.

Mrs Winchcombe

Head teacher with over ten years experience under her belt. She thought she had seen it all but each year the students continue to leave her speechless with their antics. This year will be no different.